MacD Breaky

Pardon me for my long absence… I’ve return, for my ‘non-existence’ fan.


On a fine Friday morning, I’ve got this sudden urge for Mac breakfast before work. Looking at the menu board, I saw the above…


The last time I had bagel was 4 yrs ago and that was the first and also last. Yes, I dislike it. This time, I tot I gave bagel another chance as the advert with folded egg looks tempting. Gobbled down and I have to say… I still hate bagel. >.<


On another good day, my friend drove out and brought back Mac’s big breakfast. Believe it or not, I haven’t had it for years and the number of times I had it was less than 5. Hey who needs Mac breakfast in S’pore right. It looks no diff from the ones in S’pore but the egg was tough, its not the soft scrambled eggs I like!

What a thumb down experiences with MacD. I’m no fast food lover but I do have fond memories at MacD’s. Its a place I used to frequent back in school days. The music, the very cold air-con, the mugging for exams, the late night after training meal with team, the dating times… I believe you too have happy days there. Don't you?



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Starningblue said...

welcome back :)

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