A rare day out on a date with myself on a weekday afternoon, I spend valuable time shopping for shoes. I won’t call it a splurge but 4 pairs of shoes were snapped up. Topped off with a patent red clutch, I qualified for the membership of that shop. Sheer happiness~

This doesn’t happen very often and I need shoes, those in my cabinet are either bought 1 size smaller, heels broken or strap tearing apart blah blah. Hmm, the more I justify myself, the guiltier I look. I just want you to know I am not sorry. @_@

Anyway, I spent a long time walking in heels and lugging my bags around then I heard my stomach make a little noise at 5pm. Dinner appointment at 6.30pm, should I eat something or not? Before I know it, I am walking to the newspaper stand to grab a gossip magazine and heading towards J & Co. The donut selection is the usual colourful, tantalising spread.

Me: Can I have a Hazel Dazzle Donut?
Girl: *passes donut * Pls order your drink and pay at the cashier.
Me: 1 English Breakfast Tea, thanks.
Cashier: … $**.** (dun remember how much)
Collection: Here is your tea and glazed donut.
Me: How come the cashier did not tell me I have another donut?
Collection: It comes with every tea/coffee………
Me: No reminder from anyone and no sign at counter stating that?
Collection: *???*
Me: *walk away with tray*

I guess I should not expect much from Singaporean customer service but then I think they are Indonesians working at this branch. I could have made a big fuss but decided to just have both donuts because I am not prepared to leave if I end up having a screaming fit. *thoughts of embarrassing myself*

So I choose myself a quiet corner, whip out my mag, stir my tea and munch away until a bunch of Chinese national students join the next table chitty chatting loudly… I refuse to let irritating people ruin my day.

Now you know at J & Co, buy tea/coffee free 1 donut ok?

Happy Monday and have a good week.

Warm love,

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