Out of BKK…

Who will know its a restaurant?

This boat is what they used to transport rice in olden days

Thai fish cake Asparagus with meat from the giant prawn legs

Seafood soup

Creamy coconut base soup

Fried rice with creamy crab roe

Grilled fresh water giant prawn – must try!

   I failed miserably to take down the address or even the food names but least I remembered to take photos. This restaurant is near the Summer Palace but you do need your own transport to get here. Good food!


@ BKK - the locals’ way…

Location unknown. Was brought here by our thai friend for a simple lunch…

with our level of hungriness, it didn’t took us long to settle down and order… in fact, we were just glad that the busy buzzing flies were kind enough to give up their seats to us and in return, we shared our food with them… Nah, not really.

   Just like our chinese meat balls but with thai sauce dipping

Clear soup fish ball noodle

The dried version with sugar… sugar?

Another clear soup one but with broad noodles

Personally I prefer this… Spicy thai style fish ball noodle

Both of these, top and bottom were made from egg yolk. The above is call Kanom Foy Tong. It is strands of sugary cooked egg yolk made from drizzling it through fine sieve.

This is the Luk-chup that I always thought will be extremely sweet. But I’m glad this didn’t turn me off and surprisingly I don’t hate it. Don’t forget to take the ceramic boat home with you cos you’ve paid for it together with the luk-chup.

Cheap food, natural ventilation, local ambience, and most importantly, not a single tourist. I like.


Dozo Fusion Fine Dining

The photographic evidence of this blog entry reflects the dreamy-blurry atmosphere of Christmas that just past less than a month ago. The truth is, we were both giddy from food poisoning but the celebration was necessary. We had to do something for our 3rd anniversary, right?

We chewed on these dry sticks - don't get me wrong, these are not twigs from trees.. its actually crunchy and extremely addictive 'japanese noodle biscuits'

I thoroughly enjoyed this place with my bland taste buds, I’m sure food here actually tastes better. The service is unfaultable; too much food leftover would send the supervisor flying to us just to make sure it was not a quality glitch.

Very refreshing starter fruit punch


Salad with Crabmeat drizzled in Japanese Dressing

Mushrooms & Pastry

Beef on a Cone

Crab Bisque

Baked Escargots

Beef on Hot Stones (Yummy!)

Baked Fish

The attentiveness was appreciated; given the dark lighting, I supposed it would not be easy trying to catch the attention of service staff if they were all lingering by themselves. Portions were bite sized but definitely not to be underestimated – by the time dessert arrives, it is just nicely settled into our stomachs.

This restaurant is highly recommended for an indulgent meal with your other half when you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy some quiet time.

Just like this fine dining set meal ended on a sweet note of molten chocolate cake, our christmas passed with a sweet tinge in our hearts.

491 River Valley Road
#02-02 Valley Point

Warm love,

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