Silver Lining

We are currently in an uncertain time of the world. The economy is down-sliding and we have threats coming from all sides. Be it financial, food prices, petrol costs or weather; it is best to be faithful to our beliefs and live as conservatively as we can.

Urging all fancy eaters, please avoid anything tasty as they are most probably modified horribly to satisfy your tongue buds. Avoid at all costs chocolates, cookies, packaged kim-chi, frozen food, instant noodles processed can food and (unfortunately) many more…

What we don’t know CAN hurt us and it does not limit to China. Remember the email going around about our much loved Goreng Pisang being deep fried with plastic to make it crunchier; how true is it I don’t know but no paper no fire, right?

How disheartening. When will all these breaking news end? Perhaps it is time for us to realize we rely too much on certain things to make our lives more convenient. Now we just have to wait it out and hope all will be back to how it was.

In the meantime, save some money during inflation times, stock more fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge and try out that recipe you always wanted to. Home cooked is still the best!

I pray all my beloved family and friends be protected from all the threats and harmful things that are now everywhere we live. Just remember that we still have precious loved ones and simple joys that we take for granted. We will tide through this, we always do!

Take care and be blessed!

Rare day out with my precious Chester

Warm love,

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pen2y said...

I miss chesterrr

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