The Cow, Wanaka

Hidden in some old alley, easily missed from the main road…. we found this little gem.

not a huge place and could probably only sit 8 small groups indoor, so while waiting…

The best garlic bread! This is my first to be served a whole loaf rather than few miserable slices. Fresh, crunchy and oh so perfectly made. 

Moved indoor. Thank goodness it wasn’t a long wait…

garlic bread continued…

Her Majesty’s pizza – 2 different toppings. Love thin crust.

Seafood Spaghetti

Charmed by the stone walls, brick floors, exposed copper pipes, a proper open fire place…. its like stepping back in time, to the old western.

Addy: Post Office Lane, 33 Ardmore Street, Wanaka.


Han Guuk Guan

Another thing about being in Melbourne is to have Korean Food; and authentic one of course. My sister brought me to Han Guuk Guan, a restaurant hidden away in between office buildings.

The Jja Jang Myun was what I was really looking forward to. I have to admit, this is by far the best I’ve tasted since I discovered Korean Food. (or maybe I’m just too deprived?)

One good sign that this is the place to be for delicious Korean food is that there are so many Koreans eating here!

This picture really doesn't do any justice.

By the way, the sweet and sour pork next table was gobbling into looked really yummy. Why don’t you order that next time and testify it for me?
Warm love,


Laurent, a 1920s French Cafe

Don't you just absolutely love the tall windows and french vibe from this little cafe? Laurent has been situated at Little Collins since the 1920s and is my favourite place for coffee in Melbourne.

I wish I had these tiles in my kitchen

It was breakfast with Mum that day and we had quiet chat , just both of us and the espresso machine buzzing away.

Shouldn't we meet there next time, just to watch life go by?
Warm love,


Gibbston Valley Wines

visiting the award wining wine producer…in a not so perfect day.

the cave blast out of the region’s mountain which provides a ‘perfect natural environment’ to mature their wines

Not forgetting to check out their restaurant which I quote from them “is renowned as one of the finest dining experiences in the region”

Soup of the day…. thick tomato soup pack with intense flavour

House made fresh pasta… can’t quite figured out if its butternut or pumpkin squash but it does adds flavour to the pasta…if only this dish wasn’t too dry.

Fish of the day!

blurry blurry…. drank too much? LOL

Add: Gibbston RD1, State Highway 6, Queenstown, New Zealand

x Juan


Reminiscing Uni Days

I was walking around Melbourne Central on my own and got hungry. Instead of having kebab or pizza, I chose a sushi hand roll and green tea. The first bite took me straight back to uni days, when break time between lectures were short, my quick meal would be a hand roll on the go.

It was perfect me-time, indulging a simple lunch and shopping by myself.
Warm love,


Strawberry & Lavender Farm

Visiting the strawberry farm was something I did not do when I was based in Melbourne. Hence, I requested for this day trip to make sure we don’t miss the chance again. Thanks to Penny, her iPhone GPS and a cheap car rental deal, off we go!

Before heading down to the strawberry bushes, there was a café selling all things strawberries. Standing at the entrance, all I could smell was refreshing strawberries. I’m usually not a fan of sorbets but this one is yum.

Scones to go with Strawberries

Strawberries are in season during Spring. They are best picked during the earliest part of the year, by the time we were there in April; the strawberries were significantly smaller than what I thought it would be. I was very keen to bake them into strawberry crumble when we got back because they were not very sweet but hectic schedule during my holiday meant I really didn’t have time to do it!
We had lots of fun in the sun and surprise surprise… I love the sun that day we were on the road trip! It was breezy and sunny; we spent the good part of the day outdoors but no sweat! Real bliss~

After the strawberry stint, we moved on to visit the Lavender Farm. We lost our way a little and reached there just 20mins before they closed for the day. Our negotiation skills kicked in and managed to get discounted entry tickets to get in and look around real quick.
This plant smells as creamy as real chocolate!
Young Red Delicious Apple Tree

The garden was full of surprises, there was chocolate mint plant (yes, and it smells like real chocolate.), apple trees, and lots of soothing lavender. It was much fun jumping around the garden before we head back out to find some food for our rumbling tummies.

It was getting late and we figured there won’t be much to eat in the rural; we drove all the way back to St Kilda for a Italian at Rococo. Servings were huge, even for hungry people like us and the waitress was very friendly who introduced us a fantastic Mud House Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

That was my first day in Melbourne, it was fruitful and enjoyable time spent with Mum, Sis and Sherlene.
Warm love,


Orbit @ Sky Tower

Dining at the revolving restaurant 190m above ground…

with stunning view and great company…this is how I spent my first day on arrival in Auckland, 1/1/10.

Starter: Grilled Calamari on sour dough, rocket and tomato crostini with lemon, parsley mayonnaise

Mains: Harrisa Roasted Akaroa Salmon Fillet with saffron risotto cake, wilted spinach with smoked garlic and preserved lime sauce     

Mains: Pan Fried Snapper Fillet on artichoke and sundried tomato Israeli cous cous with roasted capsicum and chili dressing

Sides: Baby potatoes sautéed in lemon herb butter

Satisfying! x Juan

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