Chill out

New found place in town to chill out, a great chilling place to rest those tired legs from shopping. But for me, its to find a nice place indoor to get away from the wintery cold.


I had it too.

I’ve never heard of 盆菜 until my parents preorder them for our family get together dinner when I was back earlier in the year. Then suddenly I kept seeing them on restaurants’ CNY menus. Flavourful is the word. Have you tried one too?

Ah…hate it when Starningblue blog about festive seasons. Don’t get me wrong…its just cos I’m jealous that I can’t feast on any of the goodies that are easily available to her. 7th no CNY to me but hope all had a great one.


Year of the Tiger, Let's Eat!

I’ve been really good this year! I can easily count the number of pineapple tarts that I chowed down, but didn’t have much of my favourite “white, powdery cookie” (this is how I name Kueh Bangkit since young) because it is no longer baked by my old neighbour auntie.

Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 of us in the family was unwell to varying sickness throughout the holidays. Mum was down with fever on day 1 and I cooked porridge dinner for the family – this is the first time :)

So the most memorable part of Chinese New Year was on the continuous losing end to my sister in Mahjong and reunion dinner at Grandma’s. As life progresses on, I find that I cherish such family get-togethers more, recognizing the fact that with every passing year the group gets smaller and more relatives choose to opt out of celebrating the season together.

All that said; now let’s allow the pictures speak for its own.

Traditional sweets

Wok-Cooked Pumpkin

Hakka 炸肉 ("Fried Pork"), pronounced as zha nyuk in Hakka

Hakka 酿豆腐 (Braised Stuffed beancurd)

Sweet Soup of Beancurd skin with Barley

Doing the Lou Hei


How was your Chinese New Year holiday? Hope it was blessed with lots of good food.

Warm love,


Simply the Best!

King Salmon

The farm with view of Mt Cook

   The salmons get to swim in pure fast flowing glacier and snow fed water from the Southern Alps of New Zealand

Us feeding the salmons before our feast

Just caught up from the farm

Only 15mins out of water, these sashimi are so fresh & crunchy that I’ll give it 5 stars!!!


In the Land of Blue Skies

8mths ago I had an opportunity to make a trip to the Land of Blue Skies, Mongolia, for some volunteering build work. I say opportunity because this trip was only made possible by many kind sponsors (Moi sweet Starningblue was one of them) and also getting through the selection process. I’m a little late in sharing this but here are some of the food I had during that short 2 weeks.

A typical meal in Mongolia will be the dumplings. These dumplings are stuffed with minced mutton and can be eaten in soup with veggies or fried like the Khuushuur below. It will be a pity if you give this a missed cos of its gamey taste.

Pack lunch we had on our normal working days there. Stir fried noodles & omelette rice with beef/mutton…don’t worry if you are not a meat eater… there is always plain omelette with salads, rice & potato.

Stir fry beef with black fungus & eggs. Too salty and oily for my liking.

Some kind of porriage we had for one of our breakfast. Taste rather blunt though = I didn’t really enjoy.

I doubt this is an authentic Mongolia cuisine but these pancakes are so good that we had it everyday, more than one helpings!

The clotted layer on top of heated milk that has been left over several hours. Its tasteless and preferably eaten with some sugar.

Mongolian cakes prepared for their Nadaam Festival.

When it comes to drink, if you aren’t drinking bottled water you’ll be having….

Salted milk tea. If you want to know what it taste like, add more milk and some salt in your tea.

Horse Milk… I can only take ‘Polite’ sips everytime I’m being offered some.

The bottle says it all. You have to try their Vodka!!!

If the food doesn’t impress you enough, the landscape will coz I really fell so deeply in love with this country.


Random in BKK

Street food

Fried Flowers

The packs above make these purple drinks below…

Traditional food you’ll find at Thai Weddings

Typical eats in BKK

Tom Yam Kung – Hot & sour soup with prawn

Pineapple rice

Kao Niao Ma Muang – Thai Mango with sticky rice

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