Lana’s Choc Fudge Cake

Kathleen’s birthday surprise was my planning and the best thing about that is I get to choose what cake we order. I’m not all selfish okaye… Kat likes Lana Cake, I know it so that’s what we are going to have and no one is complaining! :D

Lana cake shop bakes popular chocolate fudge cake amongst other specialties. In comparison to Awfully Chocolate, it is less sweet and rich; therefore we can eat more without getting too sick of it. We had a few Caucasian colleagues together at the celebration and all rave reviews! *proud of myself*

For your info, Lana is open only 4 days a week – Wed to Sat. Business is very good so it is near impossible to score a choc fudge cake without prior order. Don’t expect great service, they have been around too long to provide that but I must say I will still call them next time we have cravings.

Location: 36 Greenwood Avenue
Tel: 6466 8940 / 6466 5315

Warm Love,

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