The Bay Restaurant

    Freycinet Riesling 2009 Vintage – light wine with a combi of flora and lime flavour. Its more worth getting it from the vineyard than having it off the restaurant’s wine list…  which we did the next day when we passed by…

Melshell Oysters from the Bay - natural with lemon & shallot dressing

   Kids Meal…

Tasmanian ocean trout fondant - panseared and scented with a hint of lemon grass and served with shitake mushrooms, semi-dried tomato flavoured rice

  Confit of duck maryland - nestled on barlotti beans, chorizo cassoulet with green beans and apple balsamic

Crispy Skin Blue Eye TrevAlla - nestled on cucumber tagliatelle, sesame and pumpkin puree with elderflower beurre blanc sauce

for me mummy dearest…

Add: Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay, Tasmania, 7215

Tel: + 613 6225 7016

~ Juan


Old India

A Grade II Listed building… Listed by English Heritage because it carries special architectural/historic interest… And this is our Bristol’s Old Stock Exchange building now converted to an Indian restaurant. Forget about the big hype on the food here…am already drowning in the old colonial atmosphere…

Chutney tray of dippings for Papads..mmm…

   Is it too obvious that I like Papadums?

Add: Old India, 34 St Nicholas Street, Bristol, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1179221136

Heva good weekend!!!

~ Juan


Resorts World, Sentosa

We are probably the late few people in Singapore to visit the Resorts World? Overseas friends of ours have already told us much about this place so it is time to see it for ourselves.

To start off, it was a hot and sunny Saturday during the National Day long weekend so it has to be crowded. But i did not expect to be walking 10-15mins to get to the entrance of Resorts World after we park our car in the underground car park. Yes, you can imagine the huge size of their car park area but maybe there should be more than one entrance from there?

We finally got into the building to search for lunch but we didn't want to have anything fancy and it seems the only option we have (besides junk food) is Ruyi, fast food version of chinese food.

I really like the variety in the menu and what a fresh take it was for Tung Lok Group to serve chinese food in fast food style! Must try the fried chicken wings and Zha Jiang Mian. I loved the whole experience - and also the dessert of herbal jelly to finish off my set meal.

National Day Event on at RWS
We head out in the heat to explore the rest of Resorts World but the only highlight was Hershey's shop and the caramel popcorn shop next to it.
Caramel Popcorns, I testify this is real yummy!

Actually, we did not understand all the hype about RWS.Interestingly, there was a shop having a 'closed down sale' (already?!) For the benefit of a doubt, maybe because we did not try out Universal Studios? Tickets were sold out by the way.

We'd probably return to Resorts World to try Ruyi's signature fried rice and buy more caramel popcorns, that's if I would ever visit RWS again.

Franchise, anyone?

Warm love,

Quick Brekkie

This morning, it took some time for me to wake up slowly into consciousness of day. It is a National Day holiday and I know it, I wanted to savour every bit of sleeping in.

Instead of venturing out in the late morning sun, whipping up quick french toasts seemed more appealing. Still in bedhead-hair, it didn't take long before french toasts and coffee was ready for breakfast in front of television showing Glee.

Thank God for long weekends, have a great one!

Warm love,
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