Its December!

Its finally December, my favorite month of the year simply cos I like Christmas and cos I have a long break from work, at least 10 days (minimum) where I usually retreat to a very cold place and be uncontactable. But its also on this day that I'll be missing friends back home whom I've known forever. Oh well...

Amidst all the happenings around us, be it credit crunch or the many tragedies, hope all are still celebrating this festive month with joy.


I’m counting down to Christmas with this chocolate calendar stuck on my fridge door. Open up each calendar day and I’ll get a treat (spot the chocolate yet?). Right now, I’m 24 chocolates away… I know I'm such a kid.


On a serious note, I’m already having my first mince pie this season. Traditionally eaten here in Britain during this festive month, these sweet pastries are deep filled with delicious mincemeat topped with icing sugar. Tradition we said but it is being consumed differently now as compared to centuries ago. In the olden days, mince pie are filled with proper meat (chicken, liver, beef etc) mixed with fruits, peels and sugar. Heavy spices were only introduced in the 16th century. Today, this celebrated pie is commonly stuffed with suet in lieu of meat with spices, chopped dried fruits, rum/brandy/liquor.

Stuff yourself silly this season. Dieting can be your New Year’s resolution.



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