Radish soup for the soul

Especially when we are feeling cold and wheezing, don’t we want to have someone cook for us (maybe breakfast in bed!) and show some TLC? Looking around at my housemates and grumbling to myself, I know it just won’t happen. –sulk-

Mum called to say my delivery will arrive that night with a pot of radish soup. Brewed with love, it is the perfect supper! Bliss~

For those who don’t know, Mum cooks mean soups. She converted Kel into a china-man, he is into soups now. *_* The secret is to boil it to bits, not to be stingy with ingredients such as good dried scallops and dried oysters, not to dilute the soup with more water and pour in the lurve!

Thanks Mammy!!

Ok, I have to give a special mention to Ginny, would not have received the goodness without her being the delivery girl.

Warm love,

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Juanie said...

oh yes...can't complaint with Starningblue's mum cooking. If I'm lucky, I usually get to dine at their place when I'm back but I haven't had it for a long time plus her mum doesn't cook that often like before. I did frequent them when I was a...kid though. heh.

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