The Original Maids of Honour

Opened since 1887 by Alfred Newens


Homemade pies with veggies, roast potatoes and gravy

Award winning Manor Farm Ice cream

This is the sweet crisp puff pastry - ‘Maids of Honour’ with its secret recipe still closely kept within the family today.  History of this pastry can be traced back to 300yrs where it was believed that “Henry VIII first use the name when he met Ann Boleyn and other Maids of Honour eating the cake in silver dish. He was so delighted with the cakes that the recipe was kept secret and locked in an iron box in Richmond Palace…

Add: 288 Kew Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey TW9 3DU

Tel: 020 8940 2752

~ Juan

Cornish cream tea & Pasty

St Michael’s Mount that was once a monastery, a fortress, a port and a family home…

@ The Island Cafe

Love the many photos on the wall that shows you what life was like on the island in olden days.

When the tide is high, St Michael’s Mount can only be reached by boats. But at low tide, a cobbled footpath magically appears and let you make the journey to the castle on foot.

Add: St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, TR17 0EF

~ Juan


The Smugglers’ Den

16th century thatched inn with proper thick wooden beams and fire place. Its not the easiest place to find (just ask the locals!) but worth checking out if you fancy some real local ales and food made from local produced…

was lucky to even get this shot as it was fully occupied shortly after.   

These thin crispy potato skins with garlic mayonnaise is a must try. Best I ever had.

Smugglers Fish Pie – smoked haddock, cod, prawns

Char-grill sirloin in black peppercorn sauce

Moules Mariniere – cornish mussels in white wine

Add: Trebellan Farm, Cubert, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 5PY

T: +44(0)1637 830209

~ Juan

Organic Chocolate

A friend spotted this on a magazine… Love the sound of “organic and sugar free” and of we went to hunt this down just to satisfy our curiosity. I bought 2, one for myself and one for Ni to try.

Couldn’t quite describe the taste… I had to compliment it with water. Gux I enjoyed the name more than the taste..especially dislike the sourish flavour within.

only tried it after I passed one to Ni… Oops.

~ Juan


Ma Maison

It has been some time since I observed a constant queue during meal hours at Ma Maison in Bugis Junction. I know they serve fusion japanese cuisine and just always wondered to myself is this place worth the queue?

My prayers were answered and the best thing is no queuing required, Kel brought me there to celebrate my birthday and made reservations beforehand - good on the man :)

Inside here, I feel exactly at home. I love the cottage country decor in dark wood. The whole atmosphere is romantic yet doesn't feel too exclusive, it is still a family oriented restaurant.

We chose to order ourselves escargot and soup for starters and it was good. I have just recovered from a week long flu infection so the flavours are deeply appreciated.

I remember having really tasty hamburg in Japan, I couldn't resist ordering the same except this time with noodles in a korean stone bowl. Kel can't choose any other than steak too.

There was absolutely no space anymore for desserts, we had to leave it for next time. Nevertheless, a peaceful and cosy birthday dinner is good for me, I'm a happy girl.

Warm love,

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