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The impending exams and my lj performance can fully explain my absence here, but in the midst of cramming those nauseating physics formulas, I've decided to share my joy of able to taste jb food once again. The main lead during that faithful night was,

Bittergourd with salted egg and dried shrimps! (Read: DIVINE) Anyone who knows me will wonder 'when has penny started eating bittergourd'. Honestly I was really after the salted egg and it didnt disappoint at all. Hunting down salted egg really took abit of effort and so when i saw it on the shelf, I just whipped it over to the cashier ;)

Tips for bittergourd haters! Choose bittergourds with less 'wrinkles' on the skin and slice thinly. Soak them after that and add some sugar when cooked!

Friend wanted to eat teochew porridge so dear cindy cooked this.

And my sweet sweet toi fried his famous well-known fried rice and received all the good comments=)
Friend was being retarded here haha. I should have mentioned that I underestimated the number of people who eat bittergourd so I only had this pathetic amount to feed 11 guests.

Another friend got satay chicken at safeway and baked it at my place. Good snack!

And lastly, steamed ginger chicken! Dont let the pale colour deceive. There were some leftover and cindy shredded it into porridge it was like crystal jade's.

I have 2 more salted eggs left in the fridge now. Any suggestions with what I should do abt it?


Starningblue said...

Stir fry with beef/fried fish slices and black bean paste!

pen2y said...

with black bean?? not weird meh?

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