Big Ant Problem

There are only 2 weather seasons in Singapore; namely the hot and humid and the rain and muddy. As the season changes, there is a different set of pests that attack our household.

When it is scorching hot during mid-year, the flies and creepy crawlies hide in the rubbish chutes waiting for the chance to pop out into our cosy hut. During the rainy season (like now), ants invade our house.

Im not just talking about having ants in my bread loaf and sugar tin, the ants scout for food around the toilet walls, crawl to my bed and look for scraps in the living room. Besides that, I have ants also on my kitchen table, stove top, dish drying rack, wash basin and kitchen drawers!!!

Anything that is not a mammal pretty much makes me weak; ants in straight lines drive me insane. My kitchen is cleaned of all stains, no crumbs, absolutely no food left open so what are they looking for?! I am sure there is more than 1 colony of these irritating creatures in my residence and it seems like they find lots of treasures here but I won’t give them a chance.

Besides squashing every one of them I see, I also found out some natural remedies. That is if you have the same annoying problem and need help like me.

  • Vinegar - Using a spray bottle, spray on areas ants appear.
  • Chalk - Draw a line, ants will keep on their side and we keep ours.
  • Black Pepper - Sprinkle around where they enter your premise to send them home.
  • Cinnamon - Sprinkle where ants appear to deter them.

Warm love,


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