Milk base


After opening a bottle of abalone, I was left with some abalone sauce which is a waste to discard. Looking through my fridge, the skimmed milk caught my eyes. Ah-ha! I poured the abalone sauce into the pan, add the milk, sliced ginger and bring to boil. Stirring occasionally in case the milk burnt underneath. When it starts to bubble, I threw in the scallions and fish slices. It doesn’t take long for the fish to cook since they are in slices. Sprinkle some white pepper if you like and Oh I think I stirred in 1 beaten egg too! IMG_2310

Does the pictures look any good to you? Any way, if you hate milk, no worries, you won’t even taste it.



1 comment:

Starningblue said...

It does look like fish bee hoon soup but the whitish colour deters me though.

I doubt i will ever have a 'aha' moment spotting milk in my fridge cos it most probably wont be mine!

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