Pleasant Surprise.


Woken by the postwoman to a lazy and early Saturday morning (Yup not even Sunday yet)… I made myself smoked salmon tortilla wrap and a mug of hot chocolate for a kick start and played the latest cartoon I’ve just got to hand i.e. Tinkle Bell film - an animated film set before the Peter Pan story. Love it, it was magical.

Ok that's not my point. The highlight for day was the unexpected oversea package that I received from a dear friend. Its a bundle of gifts that she got for me from her recent travel… Thanks deary and the toe socks is so kawaii.



Starningblue said...

Why do u want Sunday to come along? It will be gone before you know it. Ive been there -_-" Its hardy monday now.

Great! Parcel arrived safe n sound.

Juanie said...

I meant its not even Sunday and I'm already feeling lazy... heh.

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