A whole new take on Chinese New Year

Happy Rabbit New Year!

Chinese custom dictates that once a girl is married, Chinese New Year is spent with the husband's family. This year is my first and I'm taking some time to adjust. I must admit I was a little home sick during the festive season wondering what my family was doing and coupled with the new-found responsibility of a chinese wife (meaning prepare the house, prepare red packets, who to give, how much etc.)

This year, we had steamboat for reunion dinner which is a first time for me although I know lots of families practise this. Did you know that the upmarket Ah Yat Chinese Restaurant chain has a humble and discreet steamboat shop at Heeren's Shopping Centre too?

 Poor cutie Joash was not feeling well that day.

When we arrived, I must say I thought the buffet spread of ingredients for steamboat was limited but as we ate along, it is actually sufficient as the main items were available and I did eat my fill. The prawns were fresh and the tom yum soup super spicy but shiok!

For a price of $20ish per person, it comes with 2 tiny abalones, free flow of drinks and of course soup and ingredients. One plus about this place is the environment, it was peaceful and amazingly we did not stink up after we left. Best of all, service was good and prompt!

Maybe we shall visit the same place next Chinese New Year too?

Ah Yat Shabu Shabu Hotpot (The Heeren)
260 Orchard Road , #B1-10
Tel: +65 6836 2282

Warm love,

I married my Valentine

Yes, we are newlyweds but with no intentions to join the smooching couples out at a restaurant for a Valentine's Day set meal with candles. We did it Chef Kel's way.

Dinner was served at home, it was Oven Baked Chicken and Strip Loin Steak with vegetable sides, complete with Mushroom Soup. For someone who rarely is familiar with the oven knobs and gas stove, the food is great!

Along with calla lilies and home cooked meal, he surprised me with a Nespresso coffee machine. Now I wish I wasn't such a brat to deserve this :)

This morning's coffee was aromatic and smooth, I couldn't have asked for a better start for today.

By the way, if you would like to oven bake a chicken thigh, just slather the meat generously with honey, some oyster sauce, chicken marinade sauce (if you have), some salt and pop it into the oven till it bakes through, remember to check it so that it doesn't burn. That's it for Chef Kel's quick cooking recipe. I've tasted it and it is good. Enjoy!

Muacks & Hugs,


Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

May you have a prosperous Rabbit year!

Here's a snap shot of my first try on making CNY cookies… 

I spent this day working just like previous years but hope you have a great one!

~ Juan ~

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