Can’t decide where to go on a Friday night and a failed call for reservation for buffet dinner to celebrate Kel’s good news, we decided to head down to Dempsey. Being there a bit earlier than the main crowd, we managed to park our car comfortably.

First try was at Wine Company but we soon find ourselves outside with mosquitoes and drizzling rain due to private function at the sheltered area – not nice… Not happy with what we have, decided to venture further down to see what catches our eye.

Remembering friend’s recommendation, Margarita’s became our dinner spot. Sure enough, they are fully booked except for bar seats. (It’s Friday night, mind you.) Half desperate and half lazy, we took our seats on high chairs with bar staff looking back at us while we take photos of our food and chat about nothing.

Staff is helpful and friendly; atmosphere was calm with salsa music playing softly in the background when we settle ourselves down. Before you know it, it became crowded and noisy as people stand around waiting for their tables.

We had Seafood Cocktail and Grilled Portobello Mushrooms for starters. Seafood cocktail had the ingredients cooked with lime juice and topped with salsa. Portobello Mushrooms were big and juicy grilled with herbs and balsamic vinaigrette. The zingy flavour really starts our appetite going!

Fajitas was what I would have ordered but we were recommended to have the beef & chicken version with 5 sauces to go with (forgot the name.) It came without the hot plate but nevertheless hot and lip-smacking good. Beef was done medium-well; chicken breast meat was tender and juicy. Tortillas were just right, not too thick and not too big so as to overpower the meat. Extra order of Tortillas came wrapped in a pocket to keep it warm. Delish!

The best of this experience has to be the Mango Margarita. Absolutely refreshing and thirst-quenching! Tequila (tequila rite?) content was not too strong, mango syrup not too sweet, not too icy! I could almost imagine myself by the beach, sipping my drink away~

Remarks of Margarita’s posted on HungryGoWhere were not pleasant. Rating was 5+ (over 10) and readers did not have many good things to say. I guess it really comes to luck and how individuals rate customer service but my only comment was price. I didn’t think we ordered lots and the bill wasn’t cheap.

We did not order desserts, could not fit anymore in our bellies. Overall, it was a pleasant experience though some would beg to differ. Next time, I will call for reservations. J

Warm love,

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