MacD Breaky

Pardon me for my long absence… I’ve return, for my ‘non-existence’ fan.


On a fine Friday morning, I’ve got this sudden urge for Mac breakfast before work. Looking at the menu board, I saw the above…


The last time I had bagel was 4 yrs ago and that was the first and also last. Yes, I dislike it. This time, I tot I gave bagel another chance as the advert with folded egg looks tempting. Gobbled down and I have to say… I still hate bagel. >.<


On another good day, my friend drove out and brought back Mac’s big breakfast. Believe it or not, I haven’t had it for years and the number of times I had it was less than 5. Hey who needs Mac breakfast in S’pore right. It looks no diff from the ones in S’pore but the egg was tough, its not the soft scrambled eggs I like!

What a thumb down experiences with MacD. I’m no fast food lover but I do have fond memories at MacD’s. Its a place I used to frequent back in school days. The music, the very cold air-con, the mugging for exams, the late night after training meal with team, the dating times… I believe you too have happy days there. Don't you?




Thai Basil Minced Pork


To show that I can do variety, I cooked my guinea pigs Basil Minced Pork one night. This is a great 1 dish meal recipe; that’s precisely why I am blogging about it because it is one of those dishes you do not require lots of ingredients and easy to whip up when you decide last minute to stay home for dinner.

Absolutely love the basil scent as I was chopping away; I could not stop picking the leaves to sniff them. Love fresh herbs~


× 200g minced pork
× Oil
× Red Chilli
× 2 garlic cloves, chopped
× 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
× 1.5 tablespoon fish sauce
× 1 teaspoon sugar
× ¼ cup pork stock
× ½ cup basil leaves, chopped

How to:
On a heated pan, add the oil and stir fry garlic and chili until fragrant. Add pork and continue to stir fry on medium heat until almost ready. Keep stir frying and add pork stock as needed. Add oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar. Increase heat to high and add in basil. Keep stir frying for few seconds.
Serve with steamed rice and fried eggs.

My variation:
Used water instead of pork stock and to compensate for the taste, I sprinkled some chicken stock granules. Fish sauce has been replaced by soya sauce in my version. Also, I poured in some cornstarch dissolved in little water into almost ready dish to thicken the gravy consistency.

On the side, I stir fried some fishballs with Kailan. Ginny inspired me to add in some eggs and it turned out not bad! This is also the last meal for us on brown mixed rice, it is not popular with my foodies at home so we switch back to Fragrant Rice.

Warm love,



Can’t decide where to go on a Friday night and a failed call for reservation for buffet dinner to celebrate Kel’s good news, we decided to head down to Dempsey. Being there a bit earlier than the main crowd, we managed to park our car comfortably.

First try was at Wine Company but we soon find ourselves outside with mosquitoes and drizzling rain due to private function at the sheltered area – not nice… Not happy with what we have, decided to venture further down to see what catches our eye.

Remembering friend’s recommendation, Margarita’s became our dinner spot. Sure enough, they are fully booked except for bar seats. (It’s Friday night, mind you.) Half desperate and half lazy, we took our seats on high chairs with bar staff looking back at us while we take photos of our food and chat about nothing.

Staff is helpful and friendly; atmosphere was calm with salsa music playing softly in the background when we settle ourselves down. Before you know it, it became crowded and noisy as people stand around waiting for their tables.

We had Seafood Cocktail and Grilled Portobello Mushrooms for starters. Seafood cocktail had the ingredients cooked with lime juice and topped with salsa. Portobello Mushrooms were big and juicy grilled with herbs and balsamic vinaigrette. The zingy flavour really starts our appetite going!

Fajitas was what I would have ordered but we were recommended to have the beef & chicken version with 5 sauces to go with (forgot the name.) It came without the hot plate but nevertheless hot and lip-smacking good. Beef was done medium-well; chicken breast meat was tender and juicy. Tortillas were just right, not too thick and not too big so as to overpower the meat. Extra order of Tortillas came wrapped in a pocket to keep it warm. Delish!

The best of this experience has to be the Mango Margarita. Absolutely refreshing and thirst-quenching! Tequila (tequila rite?) content was not too strong, mango syrup not too sweet, not too icy! I could almost imagine myself by the beach, sipping my drink away~

Remarks of Margarita’s posted on HungryGoWhere were not pleasant. Rating was 5+ (over 10) and readers did not have many good things to say. I guess it really comes to luck and how individuals rate customer service but my only comment was price. I didn’t think we ordered lots and the bill wasn’t cheap.

We did not order desserts, could not fit anymore in our bellies. Overall, it was a pleasant experience though some would beg to differ. Next time, I will call for reservations. J

Warm love,


Lana’s Choc Fudge Cake

Kathleen’s birthday surprise was my planning and the best thing about that is I get to choose what cake we order. I’m not all selfish okaye… Kat likes Lana Cake, I know it so that’s what we are going to have and no one is complaining! :D

Lana cake shop bakes popular chocolate fudge cake amongst other specialties. In comparison to Awfully Chocolate, it is less sweet and rich; therefore we can eat more without getting too sick of it. We had a few Caucasian colleagues together at the celebration and all rave reviews! *proud of myself*

For your info, Lana is open only 4 days a week – Wed to Sat. Business is very good so it is near impossible to score a choc fudge cake without prior order. Don’t expect great service, they have been around too long to provide that but I must say I will still call them next time we have cravings.

Location: 36 Greenwood Avenue
Tel: 6466 8940 / 6466 5315

Warm Love,


Big Ant Problem

There are only 2 weather seasons in Singapore; namely the hot and humid and the rain and muddy. As the season changes, there is a different set of pests that attack our household.

When it is scorching hot during mid-year, the flies and creepy crawlies hide in the rubbish chutes waiting for the chance to pop out into our cosy hut. During the rainy season (like now), ants invade our house.

Im not just talking about having ants in my bread loaf and sugar tin, the ants scout for food around the toilet walls, crawl to my bed and look for scraps in the living room. Besides that, I have ants also on my kitchen table, stove top, dish drying rack, wash basin and kitchen drawers!!!

Anything that is not a mammal pretty much makes me weak; ants in straight lines drive me insane. My kitchen is cleaned of all stains, no crumbs, absolutely no food left open so what are they looking for?! I am sure there is more than 1 colony of these irritating creatures in my residence and it seems like they find lots of treasures here but I won’t give them a chance.

Besides squashing every one of them I see, I also found out some natural remedies. That is if you have the same annoying problem and need help like me.

  • Vinegar - Using a spray bottle, spray on areas ants appear.
  • Chalk - Draw a line, ants will keep on their side and we keep ours.
  • Black Pepper - Sprinkle around where they enter your premise to send them home.
  • Cinnamon - Sprinkle where ants appear to deter them.

Warm love,



Fei Fei Wanton Noodle

Continuing the episode of my food loves in the east, let me introduce you to 飞飞云吞面 located in a quiet corner of Joo Chiat. Forget about bak chor mee or sticky bland fishball noodles that are littered all around Singapore. This is not at all comparable to any other so-called popular, long queued counterparts.
Their noodles are still handmade since grandfather’s time; the chewy and never soft texture sets itself apart from any other. The chilli and seasoning sauces are concocted just nice paired with small and slippery wantons. I can have this for lunch, dinner, even supper.

The best thing about this place is the rustic and old-style feel; nobody cares if pet dogs sit alongside patrons. Besides the low rise condominiums opposite, it almost feels like Malaysia! Come to think of it, this totally remind me of my childhood noodle similar style in JB. Let me blog about that another time :)

Oh, also pop next door for famous Nonya Bak Chang and yummy peranakan kuehs. Life’s a eat!

Location: 64, Joo Chiat Place

Warm love,


Milk base


After opening a bottle of abalone, I was left with some abalone sauce which is a waste to discard. Looking through my fridge, the skimmed milk caught my eyes. Ah-ha! I poured the abalone sauce into the pan, add the milk, sliced ginger and bring to boil. Stirring occasionally in case the milk burnt underneath. When it starts to bubble, I threw in the scallions and fish slices. It doesn’t take long for the fish to cook since they are in slices. Sprinkle some white pepper if you like and Oh I think I stirred in 1 beaten egg too! IMG_2310

Does the pictures look any good to you? Any way, if you hate milk, no worries, you won’t even taste it.




Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

Picture from NLB

Dating back to year 1926, this confectionary has been passed down the family tree. Hainanese owned, which is typical of coffee shops, this corner shop exudes old charm in its nostalgic surroundings. The wooden furnitures and cracked tiles are left untouched, even the open concept kitchen behind is what you will not find very much anymore. Nestled in Katong on the street where the famous Katong Laksa is located, this is another place to visit for authentic toast and egg breakfast if you in the east.

A quick search on google has no mention what I really want to blog about today. Those write ups talk about the kaya and toast, meaning no one is crazy about the Luncheon Meat Bun? Then why are the buns flying off the shelves the moment a fresh batch emerges from the oven?

The homemade Kaya sold here is hailed for many years. One of those people will buy and stock at home. Tasted the kaya and think it’s alright but I still can’t go to Chin Bee Chin without sinking my teeth into their Luncheon Meat Bun.

When it is piping hot, eat and dip with half boil egg. I can’t describe the feeling… its just like… you know?? (McDonald’s McGriddle adv. Haha!)

Best time to visit this shop if you want breakfast is before the church crowd next door comes in; about 9-10am. Any later than 11am, you risk running out of luncheon meat bun and kaya toast bun and be prepared to line up for a while.

In the meantime, you can attack the bakes such as custard puff, choc cupcake and tarts while you remain standing waiting for a table.

Location: 204 East Coast Road

Warm love,



A rare day out on a date with myself on a weekday afternoon, I spend valuable time shopping for shoes. I won’t call it a splurge but 4 pairs of shoes were snapped up. Topped off with a patent red clutch, I qualified for the membership of that shop. Sheer happiness~

This doesn’t happen very often and I need shoes, those in my cabinet are either bought 1 size smaller, heels broken or strap tearing apart blah blah. Hmm, the more I justify myself, the guiltier I look. I just want you to know I am not sorry. @_@

Anyway, I spent a long time walking in heels and lugging my bags around then I heard my stomach make a little noise at 5pm. Dinner appointment at 6.30pm, should I eat something or not? Before I know it, I am walking to the newspaper stand to grab a gossip magazine and heading towards J & Co. The donut selection is the usual colourful, tantalising spread.

Me: Can I have a Hazel Dazzle Donut?
Girl: *passes donut * Pls order your drink and pay at the cashier.
Me: 1 English Breakfast Tea, thanks.
Cashier: … $**.** (dun remember how much)
Collection: Here is your tea and glazed donut.
Me: How come the cashier did not tell me I have another donut?
Collection: It comes with every tea/coffee………
Me: No reminder from anyone and no sign at counter stating that?
Collection: *???*
Me: *walk away with tray*

I guess I should not expect much from Singaporean customer service but then I think they are Indonesians working at this branch. I could have made a big fuss but decided to just have both donuts because I am not prepared to leave if I end up having a screaming fit. *thoughts of embarrassing myself*

So I choose myself a quiet corner, whip out my mag, stir my tea and munch away until a bunch of Chinese national students join the next table chitty chatting loudly… I refuse to let irritating people ruin my day.

Now you know at J & Co, buy tea/coffee free 1 donut ok?

Happy Monday and have a good week.

Warm love,



I’m still beaming at the sight of this. But I shall not go into detail of what its like to rip up this beast especially what ooz out from the head.


Though the garlic and basil flavored wheat linguine was bought from Italy, the rest of the made up was with simple ingredients. Nice home cook dinner but given the hassle, I’ll just head off to the restaurant next time. hah.




summer transition

Exams have crippled me of doing any other stuff. Right now, I just want to make more sushi and bake/make a brown's quality tiramisu. Sadly I only have time for this comfort drink that gives me the drive to mug on and on..

Lemon with loads of honey. Hot or cold its still as good, and better than any Ive drank in cafes.

My cute eeyorh cupp. Continuing my cup tradition from sg jc times=)


Mini Burgers

If you remembered last Saturday I was woken early by the postlady. Today, the likes, it was the postman AGAIN for collection and this time its 7am. If only I can ask them to come back later… oh just let me off on a non-working day.

And so…whats for breakfast today?


Mini burgers with mixed pepper cheese, lettuce and cranberry & caramelized red onion chutney.


Not forgetting my hot drink which is a must in the morning.

Playing on my screen – Garfields Fun Fest.




I halved my bunch of asparagus and had East meets West challenge.


Ingredients: Asparagus, Single cream, Mature grated cheddar, olive oil, salt and ground black pepper.

  • Heat oil in pan and add asparagus. Season with salt and pepper and cook until 80% done.
  • Pour cream into pan and stir until well combined, allow it to bubble a while.
  • Transfer to ovenproof dish and sprinkle cheese over. Leave in oven until cheese melted/turn golden brown.


Ingredients: Asparagus, Fresh scallop – sliced, a little wine, mushroom sauce.

  • Stir fry stalk first until 60% cooked then throw in the head and scallops.

Would you prefer Cheesy creamy asparagus or Stir fry asparagus with Scallop?




Radish soup for the soul

Especially when we are feeling cold and wheezing, don’t we want to have someone cook for us (maybe breakfast in bed!) and show some TLC? Looking around at my housemates and grumbling to myself, I know it just won’t happen. –sulk-

Mum called to say my delivery will arrive that night with a pot of radish soup. Brewed with love, it is the perfect supper! Bliss~

For those who don’t know, Mum cooks mean soups. She converted Kel into a china-man, he is into soups now. *_* The secret is to boil it to bits, not to be stingy with ingredients such as good dried scallops and dried oysters, not to dilute the soup with more water and pour in the lurve!

Thanks Mammy!!

Ok, I have to give a special mention to Ginny, would not have received the goodness without her being the delivery girl.

Warm love,


@ Restaurante Leão D'Ouro, Portugal

est. since 1640




Best Fish Soup ever during my trip.


Main Dish


Main dish is our 8-arms friend aka Grilled Octopus. If you are up for it and don’t mind the wait, have a go for this dish. Tasted just like chewy squid/cuttlefish.


Otherwise you can choose Grilled Fish as your safest bet! Fresh and succulent.

It was quite an experience communicating with the staffs here due to the language barrier so at times like this the very powerful universal Sign language always comes handy with a bit of broken English.




Back Home

The impending exams and my lj performance can fully explain my absence here, but in the midst of cramming those nauseating physics formulas, I've decided to share my joy of able to taste jb food once again. The main lead during that faithful night was,

Bittergourd with salted egg and dried shrimps! (Read: DIVINE) Anyone who knows me will wonder 'when has penny started eating bittergourd'. Honestly I was really after the salted egg and it didnt disappoint at all. Hunting down salted egg really took abit of effort and so when i saw it on the shelf, I just whipped it over to the cashier ;)

Tips for bittergourd haters! Choose bittergourds with less 'wrinkles' on the skin and slice thinly. Soak them after that and add some sugar when cooked!

Friend wanted to eat teochew porridge so dear cindy cooked this.

And my sweet sweet toi fried his famous well-known fried rice and received all the good comments=)
Friend was being retarded here haha. I should have mentioned that I underestimated the number of people who eat bittergourd so I only had this pathetic amount to feed 11 guests.

Another friend got satay chicken at safeway and baked it at my place. Good snack!

And lastly, steamed ginger chicken! Dont let the pale colour deceive. There were some leftover and cindy shredded it into porridge it was like crystal jade's.

I have 2 more salted eggs left in the fridge now. Any suggestions with what I should do abt it?

Pleasant Surprise.


Woken by the postwoman to a lazy and early Saturday morning (Yup not even Sunday yet)… I made myself smoked salmon tortilla wrap and a mug of hot chocolate for a kick start and played the latest cartoon I’ve just got to hand i.e. Tinkle Bell film - an animated film set before the Peter Pan story. Love it, it was magical.

Ok that's not my point. The highlight for day was the unexpected oversea package that I received from a dear friend. Its a bundle of gifts that she got for me from her recent travel… Thanks deary and the toe socks is so kawaii.



Silver Lining

We are currently in an uncertain time of the world. The economy is down-sliding and we have threats coming from all sides. Be it financial, food prices, petrol costs or weather; it is best to be faithful to our beliefs and live as conservatively as we can.

Urging all fancy eaters, please avoid anything tasty as they are most probably modified horribly to satisfy your tongue buds. Avoid at all costs chocolates, cookies, packaged kim-chi, frozen food, instant noodles processed can food and (unfortunately) many more…

What we don’t know CAN hurt us and it does not limit to China. Remember the email going around about our much loved Goreng Pisang being deep fried with plastic to make it crunchier; how true is it I don’t know but no paper no fire, right?

How disheartening. When will all these breaking news end? Perhaps it is time for us to realize we rely too much on certain things to make our lives more convenient. Now we just have to wait it out and hope all will be back to how it was.

In the meantime, save some money during inflation times, stock more fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge and try out that recipe you always wanted to. Home cooked is still the best!

I pray all my beloved family and friends be protected from all the threats and harmful things that are now everywhere we live. Just remember that we still have precious loved ones and simple joys that we take for granted. We will tide through this, we always do!

Take care and be blessed!

Rare day out with my precious Chester

Warm love,

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