Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

Picture from NLB

Dating back to year 1926, this confectionary has been passed down the family tree. Hainanese owned, which is typical of coffee shops, this corner shop exudes old charm in its nostalgic surroundings. The wooden furnitures and cracked tiles are left untouched, even the open concept kitchen behind is what you will not find very much anymore. Nestled in Katong on the street where the famous Katong Laksa is located, this is another place to visit for authentic toast and egg breakfast if you in the east.

A quick search on google has no mention what I really want to blog about today. Those write ups talk about the kaya and toast, meaning no one is crazy about the Luncheon Meat Bun? Then why are the buns flying off the shelves the moment a fresh batch emerges from the oven?

The homemade Kaya sold here is hailed for many years. One of those people will buy and stock at home. Tasted the kaya and think it’s alright but I still can’t go to Chin Bee Chin without sinking my teeth into their Luncheon Meat Bun.

When it is piping hot, eat and dip with half boil egg. I can’t describe the feeling… its just like… you know?? (McDonald’s McGriddle adv. Haha!)

Best time to visit this shop if you want breakfast is before the church crowd next door comes in; about 9-10am. Any later than 11am, you risk running out of luncheon meat bun and kaya toast bun and be prepared to line up for a while.

In the meantime, you can attack the bakes such as custard puff, choc cupcake and tarts while you remain standing waiting for a table.

Location: 204 East Coast Road

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