Shiny New Philips Mixer

Show off time! Finally, this electric mixer I can call my own~ Doesn’t matter it is not the KitchenAid cream colour one!

Why u pointing at me?? This looks good, I wanna bake too!

I pulled out my recipes and all my plans to bake this, make that.. Chester decided he wanted to read up too! He refused to get off my recipe folder while I make up my mind what I can bake for Christmas.

My sister is convinced I will only make a big fuss of my new gadget for a short time. Let’s see? Now it is time to hand-pick who will be on my guinea pig panel of tasters.

The bottomline is, I love the giver and I love my Christmas pressie *Awwww*

Warm love,


Juanie said...

my mixer cost me less than S$15.00. Hows that? I think after product we make will be the same. Girl, times are bad rmbr. heh.

Juanie said...

And I'm on your sister's side. Common prove us wrong!!!

Starningblue said...

And I would have trusted you to give me moral support?!?! Too bad u too far away to be my guinea pig.

Yea. No point getting the uber exp wan, im not a pro haha

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