Inspired to Bake

I have a nagging itch to bake.
Those food and baking blogs do me no good! Wish much to bake for Christmas. Orange & Chocolate or Cinnamon cookies? What about Icing dusted Chocolate Souffle or Muffins individually packed in a cute lacey bag? Plenty of good recipes are waiting for me and I can't wait to get my hands on an electric mixer~

Where, oh where is my mixer?

My stand-alone oven is raring to go when I get my baking kit all set out! And when I get to it, I will buy all my chi-chi utensils and colourful baking gear from (I wish!) Pantry Magic~~ Stock up on irresistible imported kitchenware and bake in style.

Location: 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-80

Culinary Wish List

Chef expert I am not but don’t we all need (or want!) quality tools to come up with quality eats?

× Cute Muffin Cups
× Pretty Cookie Cutter Shapes
× Electric Mixer
× Whisk
× Hardy Chinese Wok
× More Storage Space – Ikea Style
× New kitchen with waterproof floor tiles!

Too bad I am renting and landlord is not a big cook so I get downsized kitchen. Storage space and tiles will have to wait till I eventually have my very own pad. *pray*

And when my kitchen dream comes true, I want…

× Kitchen Island with bar stools
× Country romantic furnishings
× Fully equipped baking tools
× Dishwasher
× Cute apron with lace trimmings

Warm love,


Juanie said...

Ha...not necessary posh but I do have fancy baking gears...i should backdate and post my mini muffins someday.

Starningblue said...


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