Christmas Get-Together 2008

Some who knew about it wanted to know how my little party went last weekend and what was on the menu. The get-together was great! Very enjoyable to have a cosy group together and all the effort was worth it but guess what, we totally forgot to take pictures of our yummy spread and I call myself a blogger.

I threaten to sack my photographer. However, it was a mad rush to serve the guests and he doubled as my party planner so I let him off the hook this time. *Kidding! Kel, would not have done it without you*

For the record, the menu of the night was…

Roast Chicken
Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce
Black Pepper Ham
Greens & Melon with Peppers Salad (with love from Aileen)
Mushroom Tomato Spaghetti
Chocolate Log Cake
Liquor Fruit Cake (with love from Pat & Eve)

Bingo was exciting mostly because I had a lucky hand at it and pass the parcel was challenging - try playing out the Rudolph Reindeer song by physical actions. The Christmas feel is picking up!

All the most, I want to give my many thanks to Kel for being the life of the party and given much assistance in the organizing and making our very own DIY Christmas Tree from scratch!

Wishing all my dear family and friends a very blessed Christmas and all the best for the New Year~

Warm Love,

1 comment:

Juanie said...

ah no pics for the foodie....
I like u Xmas tree! Wished I can buy a real one (dig n cut urself kind) eventually for one of my Xmas.

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