Patisserie Valerie

Its not common here to have cafe/ patisserie/ brasserie of such and its definitely not easy to find pretty whole cakes like these for occasions. Not sure why but I guessed breads are what peeps here are used to. I’m glad Patisserie Valerie has come to this end of the country! Surprisingly, Patisserie Valerie had actually owned international reputations and was established since 1926 in London.


It felt like a breakthrough from tradition, like something new, something so interesting cos everyone who walk by this patisserie never fails to stop for some admirations. They’ll go ‘ohh aren’t they pretty?’ and if not you’ll see people whipping out their camera phone and start snapping away. I know its a norm for us but seriously will you bat an eyelid when you pass by a cake shop back home?


They also have traditional handmade Italian Gelato in store. One unusual flavor that caught me was the light green Gelato made from Pistachio.


And since Christmas is approaching, its obvious they’ll have log cakes. Look any good?


Not forgetting to try it myself.

The cakes taste differently as compared to the ones I prefer back home. I think its the flour. Still, its not bad, worth a try.



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Starningblue said...

I see you have been indulging! haha

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