Dinner 1 @ Hole in the Wall

Located by the dockside in Bristol town centre, this pub built in the 1700s, earns its name from the small peep hole (now still visible) that sailors used to keep a watch out for pressgangs in the olden days. IMG_0112a

From recollection, I mixed my drinks, big No. Spirits, wine, beer, cider… you name it, I had it that night.IMG_0111a

Smoked salmon as starter

IMG_0113a Typical Xmas main course – Turkey with pigs in blankets and chestnut stuffing


Very rich chocolate tart with fresh cream as dessert.


Lunch 2 @ Site


Back at work, we celebrated Christmas with a get together lunch and was served exactly the same meal but cheaper version.


And the most exciting part, Raffle time! Every year, this time, we get Xmas gifts from ‘people’ we work with. Because we are a team, whatever we received will be put together for the raffle so everyone gets something.

Geez, I contributed my wines & chocolates prezzie and still get to lug back wines and a box of beer from the raffle. Not bad huh.

Booze time!



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