Da Paolo Dolci

Holland Village is where Kel and I usually go. Seldom do we venture opposite to Chip Bee Gardens. One night after dinner with Aileen, we wanted to go for part 2, she suggested Da Paolo Dolci.

It was the Halloween weekend (so you know how backdated this post is)
, parking was almost impossible so when we arrived, all of us were ready to indulge – or maybe just me and Aileen.
Aileen took so long to decide what she wanted to have; eventually ordered strawberry tart but it came with mould growing on it (yuck.) and to have it replaced, blueberry tart was 2nd choice. I think she said it was okay, nothing to shout about.

My choice of sweet is Apple Crumble Muffin. I love crumbles! PS café has good mango and banana crumble (fyi, that’s yummy - another blog entry altogether!) and over here I just had to order a crumble for myself. This muffin is really like mini apple crumble, no different in taste with the normal apple crumble. Well, nothing out of the ordinary, I wish it was warmed though.

Kel had brownie with ice cream. He did not really make a lot of noise so I assume his is so-so too.

We did not get ourselves one of their award winning Tiramisu here but I have tasted it from Da Paolo Gastronomia Gourmet outlets and it is addictive. A must try.

Pretty fondant cakes on display.

Overall, this place is good for tea and a casual chat with girlfriends. We were the only customers so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Pity the lady behind the counter had to endure our nonsensical chatter.

I would say the company and experience is more important than having fantastic food. We should do this often.

Location: 43 Jalan Mera Saga #01-74 Chip Bee Garden

Warm love,

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