Parsons Bakery

IMG_0097 IMG_0098

IMG_0095 IMG_0102At times when lunch is not pack to work, Parsons Bakery is one of my favorite take away choices.  This tiny bakery established since 1926 is tuck away in a corner in the center of the small town/village where my current project is. Tiny it may be but business is good.

Freshly baked and nicely brewed. That’s how I like it. And today’s menu is hot chocolate + char-grilled chicken, bacon & melted cheese Panini with toasted poppy & sesame seeds.

* And if you are wondering what am I doing in a village? I don’t have the luxury of working in a posh office and have permanent work space nor desk. I move where ever my project is, where ever we are going to build. On live  site it is, played on muddy field and watch building get erected from cradle to completion. Ever changing environment and you never know, it may be in the middle of no where next. My battlefield where fun begins…




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