Unhealthiest Holiday Foods

Christmas is creeping up again! It is December now, Orchard Road is sprinkled with lights and Christmas songs are all over the air. No matter how we try, year after year we can’t help but feast during festive seasons. For us Chinese, following Christmas we Chinese have the New Year soon.

Have you always given the excuse that you will watch what you eat AFTER Christmas then go on to indulge worry-free? To have good food is a blessing, to have it in a celebratory mood feeds even more. More often than not, we regret what we did last Christmas. Come on, be truthful!

For a benefit of hindsight, I have decided to share something I came across on holiday foods. Not to instill guilt in you, just so we can all be more conscious and healthy.

Approach with caution:

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Carbs + Milk + Starchy Gravy = not a friendly combination

White Dinner Roll with Butter
Don’t be tempted to eat more of this before your steak arrives. The dinner roll is full of sugar and butter gives it one more punch.

Turkey with Skin
Skin – need we say more?

Sausage rolls
God knows what is in those mini sausages rolled with buttered pastry.

Mini Quiches
This is so mini that just 1 quiche will just not be enough.

Rich in cream and thick with dairy to bust your recommended daily fat intake.

Pie with Ice Cream
Did you know it is actually healthier to skip the pie and take the ice cream as opposed to the other way round?

Happy holidays and have a great one!

Warm love,


Juanie said...


Starningblue said...

Ive actually drafted this entry even before you posted on chocs & mince pies haha!

can still eat, just moderation :)

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