Christmas Market

Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt

Largest German market staged outside Europe, I’ve travelled 105miles to a city in midlands called Birmingham. Ok I made it sound far but its actually only 1.5 - 2hrs drive.

IMG_2427a Welcome to the Christmas Market filled with 140 traditional German stalls.

IMG_2421a Garlic Bread in Garlic.

IMG_2409a Hot piping bread fresh from oven.

IMG_2447a Ever had Pretzel but the burger way?

IMG_1944a Don’t fancy floury stuff? How about sweet treats.




IMG_2440 IMG_1951a

Don’t have sweet tooth? Lets tuck in for some salty stuff.

IMG_2410a German sausages. XL sizes, no kidding.

IMG_2412a Fried potato, fried mushrooms… with garlic sauce. Very yummy.

IMG_2417Or grill meat to fill your roll?

Enough of food, its thirst quenching time. Ok, not quite if its alcohol.IMG_2419a Hot mulled wine in pretty mugs

IMG_2423aGerman beers / Weissbier aka wheat beer

IMG_2429More mulled wineIMG_1958a

If you drive, don’t drink. Sighz, I can only settle with hot chocolate with baileys and I… I smuggled the mug home.

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Time check: 1417hrs, I’m home blogging. Holiday starts right now for 15days. Woohoooo. Happy Holiday All!




Starningblue said...

Juan, is this the same Christmas Market you visit yearly?

Have a great Christmas holiday and have fun to where you are going :D


Juanie said...

Its unlikely I revisit the same cos i wana see different setup/ theme. This yr due to time I couldn't make it abroad in time so I went back again hoping for something new...

U have great fun back there to. Xoxo

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