Oven Baked Salmon

The fish was in the oven, I could hear crackling sounds from the natural juices oozing out of the fillet and the aroma of herbs cooking perks me up. My no-fail dish; have been baking my salmon since student times. Easy and healthy~

Did not plan to cook dinner at all. Was having a great headache but HAD to go grocery shopping and there I caught sight of my favourite salmon. Big slab of it only costs $6 and I know it will be even cheaper if it was the wet market. (Note to self: I should really go marketing more often)

Anyway, we also bought ready-made roast chicken and broccoli so we decided to stay home for an easy meal. I boiled the broccoli and cooked pasta and sauce to go with it.

Am very proud of myself for pulling this off while dealing with a splitting migraine.


Ginger, sliced thinly
Mixed dried herbs (in a bottle)
Olive oil

How to:

Preheat oven to 160C.
Prepare oven pan by layering aluminium foil, grease foil with olive oil.
Rub salt all over salmon (and don’t be stingy).
Sprinkle mixed herbs all over fish – top and bottom. (be generous too!)
Place sliced ginger on top and below fish.
Place fish skin side up on the pan.
Bake fish for about 15mins on 160C and increase to higher temperature when fish is half cooked.
Cook 10-15 mins more and check fish with fork to see if inside is cooked.
Serve hot with quick squeeze of lemon.

Time of cooking really depends on how big/thick your salmon slab is. I am very bad at writing recipes so self-discretion is very important. Starting off with a lower temperature allows the fish to cook properly to avoid be burnt outside but raw inside.

Remove from oven when fish skin is crispy but not burnt and inside is juicy. I love salmon minus the heavy sauces to experience that distinct flavour. Yum~

In the end, the chicken is barely left untouched. Will be cooking Roast Chicken (leftover) Mushroom Risotto tonight and probably reuse the bones for something else too. Check out future posts to find out!

Warm love,

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