When you don't have the luxury of hawker centres, you just have to DIY.


  1. Fresh/Live white clams aka LaLa
  2. Sliced ginger
  3. Chopped garlics
  4. Chopped onions
  5. Chopped red chillies
  6. Spring onions


  1. Light soy sauce
  2. Dark soy sauce
  3. Cooking oil
  4. Cooking wine
  5. Dash of white pepper


  • Make sure you soak your clams and wash thoroughly!
  • Stir fry onion, garlic, ginger.
  • Then throw in clams, quick stir fry.
  • Add spring onions, chillies and sauces. Cover.
  • Hear alot popping sound where all your clams open up...
  • Remove cover (added abit of sesame oil here), quick stir, then its ready!
  • Basically this dish needs to be cook quickly.
  • Cook too long your spring onion and clams will become 'old'.

I just followed my feelings so there may be no logic behind my method as compared to the professionals. But taste not bad ok.




Starningblue said...

So they actually pop when they open up cooked?

My weakness in cooking is seafood. Thanks for the recipe, will try it when I get to buy fresh Lala~

Juanie said...

Cos they pop open, hit your wok and you hear the popping sound lo.

Just cook according to your feelings and the kind of flavour you like. I'm no chef in seafood too. Just make sure its done quickly and big fire.

Make sure LaLa is fresh ok coz you don't want to go running to the toilet. LOL.

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