I packed 2 dinners into one post so people can see the wonders of an oven=)

I came back from great ocean trip with 2 great products namely,

Herb cheese and pepper cheese! Drool pls people.

and so I decided to make some cheese stuffed chicken which tasted really really good.

First from the left was requested by Gs, stuffed with the mediocre mozarella. (boringgg)

I did baked potato too! Those like breko but i forgot how they managed to pack the topping so well that every mouthful of potato goes with the sausage and onions AND sourcream.
Presentation was neglected I admit but it was a great dinner I swear!
My pathetic topping on my potato haha. Theres a trick for busy people because traditionally raw potatoes take 1hr(yes you read correctly) to be cooked thoroughly. I was already running late so I just boiled it for abt 15mins and it took another 15-20mins to be done in the oven. Dont forget your sour cream!
Gs and I had an unexpected guest so I just quickly baked another chinese style chicken with tomato carrots and asparagus. Simply dash some soy and sesame oil on top will make the dish tasty already. The guest liked it! But the most fascinating one is not yet mentioned! You see, this time we had 10 odd hungry teens in the house and we had to come up with something quick and good, so I simply baked ASPARAGUS and BACON but who knew they were like adam and eve...

the heavenly pair. Its freaking simple that a kitchen idiot can do it with his eyes closed.

Only thing is that he'll burn his hands wahahaha.

Another friend made this superb tuna salad that I fell deeply in love;

and angmoh style chicken to complement

Im not sure whats used in it, I guess its cajun powder, salt, pepper etc Another good dish here to mention.

My hp cam doesnt do all the food justice because forgetful me never remember to bring along my cam when we're having a feast at home. But I guess its enough to encourage people to start using your ovens at home and use it often! Ovens will never go wrong =)

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