Feeling oriental

Hi all! This is my first post on blogger and to kick this off I have...

Really this is my virgin experience and it was all worth it.

We have:
Nori seaweed
Sushi rice
Sushi vinegar
Crab meat
Raw salmon(!!!)
Wasabi(damn shiok)
Teriyaki sauce

Idea behind all this is: Simple ingredients makes yummy sushi. Talking about avocado, for those who're trying this out please buy avocado days ahead because you have to wait for it to ripe! Mine was waaaay too hard it taste like cucumber. Only shear liked it. And talking about the salmon, I bought it from vic market; not expensive, about 20/kg, you get a huge slab of it, and it taste SO AWESOME. Its restaurent grade for heaven's sake and I can eat so much of it compared to like, 15bucks for 6 slices? Too overrated. Gs and shear enjoyed it(although they were skeptical and made me try first so I'll be running to the loo before them) and I'll definitely do it again if I have the time.

The rice is abit tricky here. I thought I just had to cook it like normal chinese rice but its not! After cooking it shear and I laid it on a tray, sprinkled vinegar, salt, and sugar and I had to fan it so that the rice will have a shiny texture. And indeed, we made our rice reeeaally *shiny*

We side tracked abit and used the teriyaki sauce to bake salmon and served it with the sushi rice. It was damn good! Simple and easy. Busy people should try this at home. Works with chicken too.

To end this day off we played a mini game of leftover wasabi.. and guess who got the kick? ;)

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Starningblue said...

How come the sushi looks so limp? haha Ok la its the taste that matters.

Miss cheap and fresh sashimi! Can nv get those in Singapore :(

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