Old Town Ipoh White Coffee

Singapore is a place when a new eatery pops out, it is usually packed with hoards of boring people queuing up to taste the new talk of the town. Killiney and Ya Kun have been around for some time and Singaporeans need new blood – here comes Old Town Coffee.

Old Town is a Malaysian franchise of the famous Ipoh White Coffee café. Along with traditional toast and white coffee, they serve ipoh hor fun, prawn noodle and nasi lemak amongst many choices.

The Old Town branch at Big Splash is crowded most of the time, I don’t understand why people queue in the sun (yes, in the hot sun!) to get a table for ‘so-so’ food. Anyway, another branch emerged in Bukit Timah area, nearer to my home and not as crazy as the other place, Kel and I visited just to find out what is so good about it.

Frankly, the White Coffee is nothing to shout about, though in my opinion the toast is better than competitors locally, it is still no comparison with what I can get in JB. I wouldn’t say the meal comes out cheap but I guess with air-con environment you can’t expect it to be budget!

However, Old Town bukit timah is a place to go when you just want to chill out on a Sunday morning, read the newspaper or watch other people stuff their face. That’s what Kel and I did and it feels so good doing nothing much, just sit around till we decide what to do next~

Just pray that there are no screaming kids next tables!

Warm Love,


Juanie said...

I was dining next to Old Town big splash branch when they were newly open. Walked past with my friends to see its fully occupied and wondering what these people are on about...haha. We knew they are just the posh version of coffee shop. Well, people and their curiousity.

Uncle Kel really blend in to such kopi tiam atmosphere..Opps.

Starningblue said...

Hor Hor u call him uncle haha!

He doesnt really log on to read this so u are safe :p

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