English breakfast

blog Call it full English breakfast, call it Full monty, call it fry up, call it all day breakfast... I believe everyone had this big fat meal before. Typical in English places, typical at B&Bs. I love to have them in the farm simply because the sausages are home made.

This traditional meal usually comes with egg, toast/fried bread, black pudding/hash browns, baked beans, mushrooms, sausages and grilled tomatoes (sometimes with bubble & squeak too).

I used to have it once every Friday with my team when our previous project was just stone throw away from the cafe/pub and it usually last me whole day (feeling fat).


But hey, you don’t really need to eat out to have such cooked breakfast. Pictured above is no other than my own special version of fry up.

Special? Why? Look closely… notice any differences?

Its a Vegetarian English breakfast coz I’ve used meat-free bacon and sausages. Yes you did not hear me wrong, this meat free bacon is made to look exactly like real bacon. Before you tuck in, don’t forget your brown sauce!

But sometimes, sometimes I still miss the coffee shop style breakfast with my buddies on early Sunday morning.





Starningblue said...

That's a lot of beans for ur version!

I would love to have grilled mushrooms with my brekkie. Place on toast, add tomato sauce and top with oozing egg yolk~ yum!

Juanie said...

Thats half a can beans and I din want to chuck bits in the fridge so might as well finish it...

This kind of proper breakfast is jus once in a blue moon for me...

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