Free Flow

Have you had times where you run up and down the stairs and around the house just to get ready for a ‘Night Out’?

Have you ever dress and undress countless times just to get in the right clothes so your reflection in the mirror smiles back at you and gives you the green light to leave the house?

Do you start talking to yourself when you are in a hurry coz you are running through the checklist in your brain ie monies, tissue, mirror…ahh the usuals women kept in their bags?

Are you the few who amazingly can get your heels stuck in the car mat that you have to take off your shoes and thump on the clutch, brake and accelerator with your bare foot? LOL.

I did. Yesterday. (^_~)

And if the door to my house only needs to be slammed shut like my previous without needing a key to lock; then I’m positive I will lock myself out with my keys still lying in the house. Yea, you can laugh at me. But thats just normal when you take too long to get ready with time ticking off right? Why the hassle? If you are someone who spends most of your time in work type clothing then won’t you want to dress up a bit on your remaining times when you get to go out? Occasionally I do.

This dinner is sorta work related so it’s all paid for. Free meal + free flow of boozes (wine, larger, cider etc you name it), nothing beats that. Dinner was at an Italian restaurant in Clifton village and before we even get there, we’ve heard mixed reviews about this place. But luckily it didn’t turn out too badly.

My main course of the night: Risotto di Pesce – creamy seafood risotto with tiger prawns, oak-roasted salmon, calamari, courgettes and baby spinach, finished with fresh lemon and chilli. I love risotto but apparently this did not please me – tasted average. Never tried making myself coz I find the process too troublesome since you need to cook it in a particular way otherwise it won’t be risotto but just a normal rice dish.

Amazed by Ben’s dish: Calzone Piccante. Basically it looks like a giant pastry with marinated chicken, meatballs, Bolognese sauce, mushrooms, chilli, mozzarella and tomato wrapped in pizza skin. Taste quite good but he says its too spicy for his personal likings.
After topping up our tums, its another part of the organ that needs some attention. So we head off to the famous cider house aka CoriTap for a few pints. If you want to get proper drunk, try the ‘Exhibition’. They only served it in half pints coz the alcohol % are quite high. Wash down a few and you’ll probably don’t remember the night. I’m good, I gave it a missed.

Called for the night, late. Knock out.




Starningblue said...

Girl, bless you on passing the potent sip! Or were you already drunk cos you didnt take picture of Exhibition?

And yes, things don't always go well when you are trying to pull a straight face and be glam. :)

Miss ya!

Juanie said...

nah din touch Exhibition cos I'm err driving oops. Its too dark in the cider house and I only hav my camera phone with me...

next time you come, then we can have a jolly time feeling our limbs not belonging to us...

glam woman = late.

Starningblue said...

Wanna make me see stars? easy haha just 1.5 drinks will do. Cheap and fast!

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