5 Minute Egg Soup

Mummy’s cooking always reminds me of home. Too bad I have not stayed home for many years already so I impersonate her recipes in search for that familiar taste. When I crave for that familiar taste, I will cook a dish she used to feed us when we were unappreciative brats.

Definitely on my comfort food list, I think the Egg Soup is favoured most by me in the family. When mum asks me what she should cook, one of the first suggestions I would have is the Egg Soup. Instant and no fuss, this is great for nights in when you just decide to have some soup but have no time to boil for hours.

2 Eggs
Garlic, minced
½ Chicken stock cube
1 cup water

Heat a little oil in a Chinese wok, or use a deep wok, not a pan. Fry minced garlic till fragrant. Add in eggs and scramble till cooked. Add in water and bring to boil. Slowly add in chicken stock powder and salt to taste.

Serve with rice and other dishes.

Warm Love,

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