What's your flavour?

This is ice cream week, not only for myself but also for 8 Days. (weekly local magazine) 20 pages dedicated to worthy licks with full images to tempt and Ice Cream Awards 2009 to boot. As for myself, a tub of Baskin Robbin’s Pistachio Almond was small treat from JB last weekend. *indulgence*

Flipping through those pages was totally uncomfortable; makes me want to reach for my Baskin in the fridge! With the features of various ice cream joints in Singapore, I realized I have tasted most of them and until this week, I had no idea I love ice cream that much! *grin*

Just imagine staring down at write-ups on Island Creamery, The Daily Scoops, Haato and my all-time love Haagen Dazs, just to name a few to start you on some popular ice-creameries over here.

From 8 days, do you know your frozen desserts?

Ice Cream Contains milk, cream eggs (some not), must have at least 10% fat

Gelato From Italian word to freeze ‘Gelare’. Less cream but more milk than ice cream, usually less than 7% fat. The smoother, denser consistency comes from 50% less air than ice cream!
Sorbet No fat! Just water, with sugar and flavourings, usually fruits.
Sherbet Like sorbet, with milk.

How enlightening is this? I never favoured sorbet or sherbet, too zingy for my liking and now I know why I like Haagen Dazs to bits – soo creamy because of the low air content in their ice cream! *and they pride themselves for that!* Totally good stuff~

Worth a mention and a try, The Ice Cream Gallery is voted for Best Boozy Kick. Be rest assured I will be there soon enough to taste the raved rum and raisin.

So, what’s your flavour?

Warm love,

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