Japanese Curry Rice

Can’t believe our last trip to Japan, Kel and I did not have Japanese Curry Rice! Or maybe he did but we missed out the photo-taking.

I dig Japanese stuff. Not only the country’s splendid scenery and cleanliness, its culture but also the food, those cute innovative products and how courteous Japanese are (though they may be declining requests from you); even the people at the embassy are nice! They have such a way of life it is a science.

Whether or not we are planning for a trip to Japan, *which we are planning for Osaka & Kyoto, it’s so exciting!* Japanese Curry Rice at Liang Court basement food satiates our appetite for something Nihon. This is such a comfort it feels almost like fast food.

Forget about diluted curry sauce, Japanese Curry is meant to be thick and creamy, just like how it is here. This stall sells everything curry. Have it with pork or chicken cutlet, croquettes, beef stew… you name it.

Walk yourself to Meidi-ya supermarket after burping to find always fresh Japanese fruits and vegetables to bring home.

Warm love,

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