Smell the flowers and Appreciate

Being unwell really throws me off sync. Be it the irritating migraine, bloated tummy or the discomfort that is no stranger to most women. To be at my best, I need to feel well, be well and eat well!

Pardon me as I zip in and out of here, blogging whenever I have the frame of mind. It has been a rough month for me; the most I want to do is to be on the couch cuddling up to Chester and resting my day away. *but no, I am at work*

Believe it or not, food is (still) my comfort when I am under the weather. There are periods of the month I eat everything, anything. There are times when I sniff a bit and I hunt for soup. This is Korean food week - am craving Korean spicy food.

How blessed am I to have what I want in a jiffy, I would find what I need almost all the time. Not all of us are so lucky.

I have just added the badge of BloggerAid to the side bar on this blog yesterday. BloggerAid got me excited when I read about the campaign to publish a cookbook from submitted (and tested, of coz!) entries compiled. All proceeds go to World Food Program. Good idea!

Well, I have yet to decide if I have any worthy recipes to submit but we can do the least by passing this on and creating a little awareness for this initiative. Feel free to visit
BloggerAid through this link or click on the sidebar badge to find out more about what other bloggers are doing to help.

Warm love,

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Juanie said...

I feel ya!

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