Choc Green Tea Marble Cupcake

I love baking marble cake. I love the marbling effect. I literally stop myself from marbling too much.

Missing the butter and chocolate marble loaf I made eons ago, this time I make cupcakes out of chocolate and green tea marble. A recipe I collected from a blog I have lost touch with.

Look at the mini cupcakes I made from the leftover batter not enough to make a normal cupcake. So cute!

However, the taste of this is not as expected. First time I make marble cake with yogurt, turns out it smells sourish and the texture of the cake is overly sticky and dense. Not fluffy and soft.

I really want to learn trouble shooting with baking. Not just to dump the bad ones and forget about it. That's why I signed up for baking class (don't even know if it is still going to happen) and that's why I want this book!

Regardless of my emotional ups and downs in the kitchen, one constant supporter I have always is Chester. Ever eager to do a taste-test, ever loving and protective of me walking in and out of the kitchen just to make sure everything is okay.

Warm love,


Juanie said...

wahaha I got the book.

Starningblue said...

REALLY! ahh~

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