Rainbow Cupcakes

I was just sipping my coffee mourning another week’s work ahead when my lovely colleague opened that white box to offer me these rainbow coloured mini cupcakes; I’m all smiles and really, she made my day.

These yummy cupcakes are as bite-sized as a small chocolate truffle. Love how the steamed cake melts in my mouth then presents the brown sugared coconut beneath.

After I tasted this a few years ago, I realized I have rarely seen this sold anywhere! Only once have I bumped into a street stall selling traditional Malay cakes and treats where they stocked many flavours of the rainbow cupcakes. *my colleague ordered from a home baking contact*

Apparently, this is made on special occasions (weddings, new year…) in Malay culture. The internet does not provide much details on this so no recipe, no references!

Although I did find one recipe kind of similar to this, I would have to try it out to know if that is THE ONE.

Stay tuned :)

Warm love,


Juanie said...

looks like our chinese 'Fa Kao'.

Oh its been ages since I had any malay foodie...sobs

♥Rosie♥ said...

Your rainbow cupcakes look beautiful :0)

Starningblue said...

This is really yum. I often lose track how many i pop into my mouth!


Mochachocolata Rita said...

oh gawd...i so love the colors...so adorable :)

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