Lemon Cake

Back from a fantastic break! Now I feel what some would call hangover, not from booze but from the holiday daze. Apologies for the absence these few days, Im back for a second and will be off for Chinese New Year again!

Before my girly long weekend, I made a cake – not muffins, not cupcakes, not cookies. Trawled the internet for a good recipe but you never know how good it is until you try right? So I settled for lemon cake.

The preparation of batter was not technical and I love the strong lemon flavour especially during the zesting process. I know some lemon cakes tastes more like butter loaf with a hint of lemon. The icing really gives this cake a citrus kick.

But can someone tell me why did my cake crack on the top when it is only ¾ cooked? Well, I kept on baking as long as I thought the cake could take before it becomes over burnt. Yet, the part where the cake cracked was still soft and slightly uncooked.

With my limited knowledge of baking, I thought it could have been inaccurate temperature of the oven. Was the oven too hot or something to do with the mixing of ingredients?

For the sake of icing my first cake, I slathered on the top and enjoyed watching the icing trickle down the sides. The cake was then cut up and the uncooked portions at the crack had to go.

Warm love,

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