Beng Hiang

I can imagine chinese wedding banquets held here, it comes with a small stage and speaker stand too – nostalgic in the other way. This place is kinda too chinese. Then again, that is what makes this place special and who cares when the food is good!

An authentic Hokkien restaurant since 1978, this place has a loyal group of foodies. My parents are one of them. We have visited this place since my grandpa’s time and that was when I was too young to appreciate what is good.

Till recently, my palate was awaken to realize this is actually a place worth bringing your picky aunties UNTIL my recent trip there, now my opinions have dropped a tiny bit. Let me fill you in.

Being obedient customers, we always call to make reservations but don’t expect to be seated promptly during peak hours; you probably have to fight for attention from the usher with other impatient people who also reserved their tables.

It’s pretty much a routine what we order. My mum orders and she almost always order the Fish Maw Soup, Kong Bak Pau, He Choh, Fried Hokkien Noodles and Seasonal Vegetables. Not that I am complaining, they are tried and tested great dishes.

All revved up for a yummy spread, the Fish Maw Soup was served with too much pepper even before you add your own and the Fried Hokkien Noodles tasted like they were rushing to cook it and lost its ‘pang’ness (unique fragrance). Although the Kong Bak Pau retained its standards *delicious* but the two most anticipated dishes that we love fell below par.

They closed for renovations for a period of time; it’s been months since we last visited so maybe new chefs or just a random glitch? We hope it is the latter.

That said, we will give Beng Hiang another chance because we have known this place too long to just dump them just like that. We are grieving but we will try again.

Location: 112-116 Amoy Street

Warm love,

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