CNY 2009

What is Chinese New Year without food! It is all about getting together with family and feasting out on delicacies and delicious food. I am just glad my family stayed back at home to enjoy a relaxing and cheerful weekend. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how many more years we can do this before it all fades away in depreciation of our own culture.

Mum dresses up our home in true CNY style, not forgetting the spread of cookies and tidbits. Our family abode is all geared up in red~

Reunion dinner was at Grandma’s. Home cooked is still the best! The hakka zha rou, pan fried pumpkin, lotus root & peanut soup… Sorry, no pictures – all in my belly before I can manage any snaps.

1st day of CNY is back to Grandma’s to collect red packets, followed by mahjong and card playing sessions~ This will repeat at each relative’s residence and visiting of close friends.

2nd day of CNY is the day of “Kai Nian”. To officially kickstart the year, we have dinner at Kong Inn. We started with Yu Sheng *I was too slow for the excited crowd hence the empty plate!*

Followed by “Pun Choi” aka “Big Bowl Feast”, which is assorted vegetables, seafood and meat arranged in layers drizzled with Chinese brown sauce enjoyed warm. Everyone digs into a pot and as havoc as it sounds, actually it is quite fun! I particularly love the roast pork, marinated yam and beancurd skin in this dish.

Before & after pouring brown sauce

Besides that, our banquet served cold platter with lobster, suckling pig, steamed pomfret and “Lap Mei Fan”, which is rice cooked fragrantly with Chinese sausages.

My CNY feasting had to be cut short. Unlike in Malaysia some lucky few have a week off, work starts after 3 days of rest for me so I’m back in town for work now!

Serious digressing follows… Some photos to share the festive joy.

The scene at Grandma's

Tiny oranges and Kiko the Chihuahua *I sooo want to dognap her for Chester*

Hope you had a great week too! Take care wherever you are and be blessed in the year of the Oxy Ox!

P.S. PenPen we miss you~~~~!!

Warm love,


Juanie said...

Thanx for reminding what I have been missing out huh!

Starningblue said...

Miss ya not around to visit for CNY! :D

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