Good ol’ Brownie

Contrary to popular belief that I will wean off my baking phase, I have been baking quite a bit lately. Besides the failed Oreo cupcakes (don’t ask why -_-“), Choc Chip muffins (see below, improving!) and previously posted Christmas Muffins, I am craving for more choc!

New Year gathering at Din’s place, Kel & I was allocated to bring desserts so I thought I would bake some brownies.

Before the official batch of brownies for that event, I made some to test the recipe out. The result was great! I wanted my bake to be more of a cakey fudge brownie more than a crumby chewy one and it definitely was.

The god-knows-where-I-got-it recipe was not complete. *so I’m not going to bother sharing it* Halfway through preparing the batter, it did not describe when to mix in butter and flour, it says “add in choc mixture” – so what is in the choc MIXTURE? Well, I went with my intuition and prayed for the best. Tadaa~

Not bad for a first timer with a crappy recipe! Brownie was full of dense chocolate with every bite but not overly sweet. Colleagues, Kel and baby sis liked it so that’s a happy ending.

Update: The actual bake for Din’s get-together was a flop. A change of tray resulted in over baking. Never try, never know. Aiks!

Warm love,


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you would ever be interested in becoming a featured publisher with Foodbuzz.com? If so please conctact me at lizstambaugh@yahoo.com

Sharon said...

Oh wow, yum! That looks amazing!

Starningblue said...

Thanks Sharon, nice to have you drop by!


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