Bistro One Zero Three

As much as I try to cook more at home, it is the holiday season (or holiday mood!) so I’m just feeling a tad lazy. Lots of frozen meat in the fridge but I’m just thinking where we can eat out.

Somehow this bistro has been quite blogged about. I join the positive reviews in blogging on this hidden gem.

Have been looking out for this place whenever we drive along Pasir Panjang and West Coast Highway but I’ve looked on the wrong side. They are not located at the side where most eateries and pubs are located. They are actually along the side of Vivocity to the direction of West Coast Park. The signboard of Manhill Restaurant will definitely catch your eye, Bistro One Zero Three is just there at the little corner.

Stepping into a cozy shop, it is very quiet on a Tuesday night. We were received by Karen, the friendly lady owner. Looking at the menu, I could not get pass Mushroom Soup and Grilled Norwegian Salmon. Kel opted for Escargot with White Wine Sauce and the popular Salmon and Crab Pasta.

We came with high expectations and we were rewarded. Although the mushroom soup could be a lil less starchy and have more mushrooms to the bite but my main dish of salmon made it up with the succulent texture perfectly paired with appetite inducing balsamic.

The escargot was uniquely done, not too creamy and pasta came with decent salmon portion. Both starters came with crispy yet soft garlic toast. Though I very much wanted brownies with ice cream for dessert, Kel was too stuffed for it so gave it a miss.

The food was satisfying and we enjoyed the chirpiness of Karen. I can see why she says most of her customers are regulars and some became real good friends.

Location: 103 Pasir Panjang Road

Warm love,

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