Hello everyone, just back from my R&R and guess what I brought back with me? Not a man but the big letter C call COLD. What a nice present to welcome the new year. Thus I need something cooling to freeze off the heat-iness running in me. Badly.

Green bean dessert is my pick. Sweet enough to keep me happy and yet cooling. Though I can’t really smell nor taste anything but I still can imagine its goodness. I don’t think I need to write the recipe since the steps are pretty simple – soak, boil, add sugar, drink. Only thing is I added barley powder & gingko nuts towards the end. I really need to get better right away.

Jetting off again soon. Happy New Year peeps & may you have a smooth year without credit crunching ahead. Straight after Xmas, its New year and then Lunar New year – take care of your health from these festive eating!



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