The raved-about

Its a year later that I went to Old Kingdom on smith street after my sister highly recommended me to try their specialty, peking duck.

It was friend's birthday, so I suggested this place since I've never been there before. Friend specially instructed me to get a table on the 2nd floor(btw reservation must be made, if not you'll be disappointed) because the lady boss was known to scold customers who cannot wrap their duck properly. =/
We ordered 2 ducks for 6 people. Portion will be just nice for average eaters but for me, I was exploding

The waiter sliced the duck in front of us, and it was done so hastily! Look at the chunk of meat beneath those skins. Its such an injustice to peking skin. I couldnt even taste it when the meat taste was so overwhelming. I had to remove the meat bit by bit so I can enjoy my wrap with just the skin alone, alongside with spring onion and cucumber.
Having said that, the overal taste of the duck was good. But, I've tried better ones, So y0u can call it overrated.

And I guess it's well-known that this restaurent serve good ducks, and ducks alone. The noodles was way too salty. Stir fry chicken was so-so, soup was, hmm.. cant explain. Simply not up to standard.

Fortunately, the crown bakery blackforest cake ended our dinner with a bang=) It tastes sooo much better than Brunettis, which in my opinion, is so puffed up as well.
Next time, I'll try juanjude, I get a cert after the meal too!

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