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There are so many little things in life I would like to share, be it food, thoughts or sights then I remind myself Deery Lou Aromas is about food. But once in a while, would you be interested if I digress?

First of all, its show off time the new addition to my tiny kitchen bought from Isetan sale some time back. The rack gives easy access to my sauces and seasonings and the little drawer stores my expanding collection of muffin liners and baking accessories. As we speak, it is already stuffed full.

Flicking through some camera shots, this remind me one of my cosy breakfast at home, most likely a weekend. The mould was from Daiso but the non-stick was gone by my 2nd attempt at frying those eggs so you can imagine oil splattering at me while I dig at it trying to dislodge the egg with a fork. Pretty, but not at all effortless!

Not too long ago Kel went to Switzerland for a business trip; along with lots of chocolates, he also brought back some nice shots of Geneva town.

McDonald's is expensive there!

A little cosy florist that melts my heart – it is my dream to have a carefree life running a tiny florist decorating it romantically vintage…

So I miss strolling in such good weather, window shopping and sitting by a café sipping coffee away. What a contrast to congested Orchard Road with chattering teenagers and fast-paced shoppers.

On to something related to cooking - whether I want to use the recipes or not, I love collecting them. Just looking at those pictures make me happy! Visit to magazine shops and bookstores are lethal to my wallet. These are some latest additions Asian recipes from my favourite mag shop in JB.

Our Japan trip, this time to Osaka and Kyoto, is tomorrow! I’m getting a bit impatient to jet off; some friends have booked, went and came back from Japan already and we are still waiting for our turn.

Whether this trip turns out better than Tokyo last year doesn’t matter. We need a break before an upcoming business trip to Hong Kong and all I wanna do is to get away from work and breathe fresh air. Bonus is if sakura is still blooming! *pray it holds*

So you can imagine I will be out of action for a few weeks, please look forward to me coming back and I will bring more photos and anecdotes and yummy food to share :D

We are going to miss Charles and Aileen’s wedding due to our time away. Went to her last gown fitting last Friday. The self designed dress is pretty, also love the ash pink gown~

Swarovski Crystals

Manolo Blahniks

Charles & Aileen, have a great wedding amongst love and company. God bless both of you in happiness and unity.

Till the time we are back from traveling, take care!

Warm love,

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Juanie said...

Strolling down Lake Geneva, I bet Kel is thinking...if only you were there....tee-hee.

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