Ah Lek Bak Kut Teh

Ages ago when Ah Lek was next to the JB Sentosa wet market, there was a little girl who would be there with her daddy mummy every Sunday.

Most would not appreciate pig’s tail at a tender age; this little girl would hold it like a drumstick slowly chewing on it like a treat after her meal. Gradually as she grew up, she visited this place lesser and Ah Lek then moved…

That little girl is me. :)

Okay.. to some, pig’s tail is not an edible part of the animal but let me tell you, it is good when cooked together with the herbs and soup.

I have posted an entry of my home cooked instant version of this but nothing beats the real thing. Mummy says the braised pig trotters are the nearest tasting to what grandma would cook. I’m not a fan of pork fats and I am happy soaking my rice with Bak Kut Teh soup and just eating the spare ribs with dark soy sauce and chilli.

Kel still can’t beat my mum in the number of bowls pig trotters they can finish. Her best record since, mum can wallop 6 bowls of specially chosen trotters with rice, all washed down with Chinese tea.

Bak Kut Teh lovers are often torn between Ah Lek who serves in individual bowls and the other popular shop Ah Soon located at JB Sentosa. Ah Soon serves this dish in a claypot and to me, they are not bad but just not my preference and my opinion is they are more commercialized.

Guess either you like one or the other? I just can’t get enough!

Location: 49 Jalan Teratai, Taman Johor Jaya

Warm love,


pen2y said...

omg you're so tempting me.

Starningblue said...

Mission accomplished! :p *kidding*

We can go together when u are back in july.

In the meantime, DIY with soup sachets!

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